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Our Beginnings

Joinery Makers has for many years been designing and producing joinery of the highest quality. We do it because we love the process of working intelligently with our hands to create bespoke features. Joinery Makers has evolved from a two man operation to a manufacturer employing in excess of 20 tradesmen. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure we remain loyal to our origins. More recently, we have introduced a range of office furniture that can be offered to those looking for quality additions to the workplace.


Every project is treated individually and hence receives the appropriate attention to detail. Our in-house design and set-out team love the collaboration that begins the process, throwing around ideas and coming up with creative solutions. Then the tradesmen take over with the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant humming with the sound of production. Joinery Makers have developed systems and processes that mean clients can be confident about delivery and budgets. Quality is assured at all times.

Design and Construct

We love the creative collaboration that begins each project – a sharing of ideas that propels the process. Our tradespeople are the best in the business – hardworking and focused on producing quality results.


The Joinery Makers factory is the heart of the business. On a 3,200m site in South East Melbourne, the manufacturing plant utilizes modern machinery and processes to create the best in specialised joinery items.

Office Furniture

Joinery Makers are pleased to be able to offer a range of office furniture that meet all expectations. Available items include office chairs, workstations peds and tambours.